Reefmaker Artificial Reefs & Marine Ecosystems

Reefmaker is the largest manufacture of artificial reefs, wave attenuators and erosion control modules in the country today. The structures themselves are made custom to fit the requirements of each and every specific project. Constructed of natural Florida limestone Reefmaker is able to mirror the PH numbers found in the natural environment, and this important enhancement allows for accelerated rejuvenation of fish and mammal growth. When used as a “living breakwater” aggressive beach nourishment within several months has been noted.

Over the years artificial reefs have evolved drastically. Today’s artificial reef systems are designed for specific tasks such as: species habitat, wave attenuation, oyster restoration, estuary enhancement, coral reef repair, recreational diving, fishing reefs, fishery management, barriers to protect endangered habitat, snorkeling reefs and as integral parts of pier construction.

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